Design Project

For the design project I got the basics all ready for todays class. However for the final project I still have a variety of decisions to make. One of which is whether to include a form of interactivity. I was thinking about trying to make it so that if you click on an image and it then pops up in a window within the page. So basically take a thumbnail and it expands and becomes bigger and one can exit out and still be on the same webpage. I don’t know if I have the skill set for that.

I also am considering placing “(Figure 1)” and having it link to a gallery page with all the images. I’m not certain about this yet though.

Here is my design project.

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Image Project

This project definitely helped me become much more proficient in the use of Photoshop. I really loved coloring, creating, and editing images for my site and found it fun. Unfortunately it is also time consuming and was hard to want to do my other classes homework.

I am okay with the way my Image Assignment turned out, I have a few things I feel aren’t quite right, but I was frustrated and needed to move on. Perhaps later I can go back and work on some more. Such as the layout of the images.

I haven’t gotten too all of the readings yet but I am finding the ones I have read useful and interesting. I think it is important to consider disabled users needs for websites as they do account of a chunk of our web traffic.

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Photoshop Part 2

So this week I focused on then engraving and vignetted photographs. After getting extremely frustrated with the engraving task I finally got it to work and I am quite satisfied with my outcome.

On GuardBlue-Guard-Engraving


As an art historian visual evidence is a major part of my research. The various editing techniques we have learned must be used sparingly and with the right notations and intentions otherwise one may loose the very backing the evidence  was supposed to give. Colorizing can be fun, but should be used cautiously in regards to research.

Something that was brought up last week in class that I want to address is the use of partial images. Sometimes all that one has is partial drawings or photographs of someone of something. It was asked how much one can restore a photograph. I think that as far as using an image as evidence the only restoration we can do is cleaning up scratches or spots. If there are chunks missing either do not use that image or use the information you have within the image and later if other documents are found that may change an interpretation, go from there. In art history we are not always lucky enough to find completely whole wall engravings or paintings, but if we were to add or complete what appears to be a missing line we are misrepresenting the information we have. Sometimes that means if further scientific advances allow for more details to be uncovered interpretations may change. Otherwise the interpretation and analysis is done with as much of the image as one has.


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So I started the Image project last before last weeks class. I was doing quite well with the coloring of a photograph so I thought “why not try engraving?” Well that felt a bit overwhelming reading over the tutorial. I decided to wait until class tomorrow.

So far I’m finishing up the hand-colored photograph and finished with the cropped and resized image. I tried a vignetted photograph but something went wrong so I’ll try that again tomorrow. I really enjoyed hand-coloring a photograph it’s definitely up my ally. A down side is that it is super time consuming and I started getting distracted by the need to do other homework.

Here is what I have so far in the coloring:

nypl.digitalcollections.510d47da-dcbc-a3d9-e040-e00a18064a99.001.w     Italian Woman

I only have a few more areas to do. The background is giving me a lot of trouble because I’m not sure what she is in front of.


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Portfolio Project

I was fortunate to have gotten the portfolio page completed long before tomorrows class. Having done so I was able to spend time figuring out how to get it online. Tonight I tried just doing it through my wordpress blog, but it was not looking positive. I decided to get Reclaim Hosting and use that. Luckily that worked and I was able to upload my portfolio page online with the help of Transmit.

I will have to say figuring out the terminology used for websites and getting things online is, for me, much more difficult than figuring out how to code the page and learn dreamweaver. Listening to hosting sites and terms thrown around in class I was worried that I was going to be so far behind, particularly since I never took Clio I. Thankfully, with the help of Josh’s post, it was not as bad as expected.


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Note: Because I now have a Reclaim Hosting, I have mirrored this blog here and a copy of this post will be there as well.

Edit: So I figured out more and found a way to link my Portfolio to my wordpress so both blogs will be updated.