Design Project

For the design project I got the basics all ready for todays class. However for the final project I still have a variety of decisions to make. One of which is whether to include a form of interactivity. I was thinking about trying to make it so that if you click on an image and it then pops up in a window within the page. So basically take a thumbnail and it expands and becomes bigger and one can exit out and still be on the same webpage. I don’t know if I have the skill set for that.

I also am considering placing “(Figure 1)” and having it link to a gallery page with all the images. I’m not certain about this yet though.

Here is my design project.

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Final Project

Trying to get this final project off the ground is a bit daunting. I’m concerned about how text heavy my site it and that it will be overwhelming. Hopefully it will work out. After reading about making websites easier for those with disabilities I want to attempt to make my site a bit easier for those with visual impairments to read. As someone that grew up with a visually impaired parent I understand the desire for accessing the same things as before. I’m considering making the text a bit bigger and with larger line-spacing as well as breaking it up a bit.

On a side note, I was reading Jenna’s blog about interactive aspects on a site, I’m not so certain about how that would work with my site. I don’t know if I need it really. But learning how to do it would be awesome.

Still working on things, so we’ll see how everything goes.

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Image Project

This project definitely helped me become much more proficient in the use of Photoshop. I really loved coloring, creating, and editing images for my site and found it fun. Unfortunately it is also time consuming and was hard to want to do my other classes homework.

I am okay with the way my Image Assignment turned out, I have a few things I feel aren’t quite right, but I was frustrated and needed to move on. Perhaps later I can go back and work on some more. Such as the layout of the images.

I haven’t gotten too all of the readings yet but I am finding the ones I have read useful and interesting. I think it is important to consider disabled users needs for websites as they do account of a chunk of our web traffic.

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Finishing the Type Assignment

Over the past week I was finishing up the Type assignment. I was mostly finishing up the last design details. I had a few issues and concerns.

I struggled on putting an image behind a pull quote and getting the opacity to match the article’s background.

That my design does not work well with my theme.
That my design is to user friendly or functional.

Overall I really liked tying in a theme into the design of the webpage. That was something that felt missing in the Portfolio home page. With a lack of a theme it felt hard to figure out how to make it look. With the Type page, I was able to give it a specific look.

As far as the opacity issue I had, I will continue working on that to see how I may be able to fix that in the future. This time I excluded the extra background image, but I hope next time to be able to incorporate it.

My Type page can be found here.


Some housekeeping:
I talked to ReclaimHosting and got my Portfolio to be connected to my URL. It can now be found here. So I no longer have a mirroring blog just a portfolio site (yay for organization!).
The Portfolio is also accessible through this blog, under “Clio II” in the Menu.

Design & Type


Creating a webpage is about being accessible to the websites visitors. Design is about form and function and Myth #4 on UXMyths hit that home. Reenforcing the idea that designing a website isn’t just about looks but how it works. For my own page I have to make sure I keep this in mind. My topic is Edmonia Lewis and I am looking for a font that is reminiscent of the mid-19th century. I want the page as a whole to fit into my topic, but not be too overwhelming for the page visitor. Which is something I’m quite worried about.

As far as my Type goes, I’ve been looking for something that works visually inspiring the 1800’s while at the same time being readable. I think I have found something that works, but I am a bit hesitant.

Out of all the readings this week UXMyths was the most helpful. Myth #19 really helped me slow down and decide on my content before continuing to design my Type page. While other readings such as Chapter 6 in White Space is Not Your Enemy on layout was extremely helpful and interesting, particularly in helping me understand what aspect ratio is, UXMyths myths vs. truths was the most focusing.


On a side note: There are a few thing’s that I’m still not too sure about, such as what a rule is in regards to our type assignment, and whether I’m going about embedding text and title fonts the right way. But I’m confident that will become clear soon enough.

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