Image Project

This project definitely helped me become much more proficient in the use of Photoshop. I really loved coloring, creating, and editing images for my site and found it fun. Unfortunately it is also time consuming and was hard to want to do my other classes homework.

I am okay with the way my Image Assignment turned out, I have a few things I feel aren’t quite right, but I was frustrated and needed to move on. Perhaps later I can go back and work on some more. Such as the layout of the images.

I haven’t gotten too all of the readings yet but I am finding the ones I have read useful and interesting. I think it is important to consider disabled users needs for websites as they do account of a chunk of our web traffic.

I commented on Danielle‘s blog.


2 thoughts on “Image Project

  1. I like the photographs that you have chosen for your image project. Love the way that the headdress looks in that first photograph, after the color. And I agree – disabled visitors are a very important audience. As someone who works with websites on a daily basis, Section 508 compliance has become second nature (or at least a nagging voice in the back of my mind).


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