Finishing the Type Assignment

Over the past week I was finishing up the Type assignment. I was mostly finishing up the last design details. I had a few issues and concerns.

I struggled on putting an image behind a pull quote and getting the opacity to match the article’s background.

That my design does not work well with my theme.
That my design is to user friendly or functional.

Overall I really liked tying in a theme into the design of the webpage. That was something that felt missing in the Portfolio home page. With a lack of a theme it felt hard to figure out how to make it look. With the Type page, I was able to give it a specific look.

As far as the opacity issue I had, I will continue working on that to see how I may be able to fix that in the future. This time I excluded the extra background image, but I hope next time to be able to incorporate it.

My Type page can be found here.


Some housekeeping:
I talked to ReclaimHosting and got my Portfolio to be connected to my URL. It can now be found here. So I no longer have a mirroring blog just a portfolio site (yay for organization!).
The Portfolio is also accessible through this blog, under “Clio II” in the Menu.

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