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Creating a webpage is about being accessible to the websites visitors. Design is about form and function and Myth #4 on UXMyths hit that home. Reenforcing the idea that designing a website isn’t just about looks but how it works. For my own page I have to make sure I keep this in mind. My topic is Edmonia Lewis and I am looking for a font that is reminiscent of the mid-19th century. I want the page as a whole to fit into my topic, but not be too overwhelming for the page visitor. Which is something I’m quite worried about.

As far as my Type goes, I’ve been looking for something that works visually inspiring the 1800’s while at the same time being readable. I think I have found something that works, but I am a bit hesitant.

Out of all the readings this week UXMyths was the most helpful. Myth #19 really helped me slow down and decide on my content before continuing to design my Type page. While other readings such as Chapter 6 in White Space is Not Your Enemy on layout was extremely helpful and interesting, particularly in helping me understand what aspect ratio is, UXMyths myths vs. truths was the most focusing.


On a side note: There are a few thing’s that I’m still not too sure about, such as what a rule is in regards to our type assignment, and whether I’m going about embedding text and title fonts the right way. But I’m confident that will become clear soon enough.

I commented on Annie’s blog.

4 thoughts on “Design & Type

  1. Tam

    I have found that, Typography for Web Designers (6h 25m) video has a very useful section on @font-face which is the function that you basically use to embed fonts into your CSS. The easiest way to do it is to download a font (you just need the TTF file) then to go Font Squirrel and use their generator (upload the TTF file and generate the font kit) to create the entire font family (containing all of the various file types needed for the different browsers) and the code that you will need to put into your CSS file. I would be happy to demonstrate.


    1. I figured out how to embed the fonts I downloaded, but I wasn’t certain if it was more than that. Like color or anything or if it was just the font family. Basically, I’m afraid I didn’t do enough and what I did was only part of it. Though maybe I’m over thinking it. >.<


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