Portfolio Project

I was fortunate to have gotten the portfolio page completed long before tomorrows class. Having done so I was able to spend time figuring out how to get it online. Tonight I tried just doing it through my wordpress blog, but it was not looking positive. I decided to get Reclaim Hosting and use that. Luckily that worked and I was able to upload my portfolio page online with the help of Transmit.

I will have to say figuring out the terminology used for websites and getting things online is, for me, much more difficult than figuring out how to code the page and learn dreamweaver. Listening to hosting sites and terms thrown around in class I was worried that I was going to be so far behind, particularly since I never took Clio I. Thankfully, with the help of Josh’s post, it was not as bad as expected.


I commented on Josh and Lacey‘s posts.


Note: Because I now have a Reclaim Hosting, I have mirrored this blog here and a copy of this post will be there as well.

Edit: So I figured out more and found a way to link my Portfolio to my wordpress so both blogs will be updated.

3 thoughts on “Portfolio Project

  1. Hey Claire!
    I find the terminology to be a bit heavy sometimes too! It’s as thought I’m trying to understand a different language that I haven’t mastered yet. I did find that our readings are very helpful to understanding specific terminology. For example, I just figured out what “widow” and “orphans” are in terms of paragraph formations.


  2. Hey Claire,

    Thank you for the help! Because of you and Theana, I was able to find out about Reclaim hosting and was able to get a domain and also upload my portfolio blog. I think I had an ‘okay’ time coding html5 and css compared to trying to get it uploaded online — that was definitely stressful for me.


  3. Hi Claire!
    I agree with you and Theana. I’ve had a tiny bit of background in IT (I used to be an IT major before I switched over to ARTH) but I was struggling with the terminology, as well. It was a bit overwhelming, but I ended up getting my portfolio page up and running too. And let me just say, Transmit was a real lifesaver. Hopefully we’ll be able to familiarize ourselves with all this computer jargon as the semester goes on!


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