So on the syllabus the reading for this upcoming class read White Space is Not Your Enemy Chapter 7, however do to the theme of the rest of the readings I read Chapter 8, since it was on color rather than type.

As an artist I studied color theory in art school. I found these books fairly basic in their description of color theory. However I found the section “Color Technology: That’s Not the Color I Chose. What Happened?” really useful. I was a painting major and my experience using color was not digital but in the real world (for lack of a better way to say it). Understanding how colors being digital was interesting. I particularly found the portion on why web color behaves badly and how to specify color for print. I think both of those will be extremely helpful to me when I am working on the future projects.

While working on the webpage from last class I had to go back into using Photoshop, which I hadn’t done regularly since high school. It took a bit to get the knowledge back, but eventually I was back into the groove. Something I did not know while trying to place the image into the page was why a white background kept coming in. I made a guess and exported it to a .png file and it worked. I don’t really know what a png file is, I know png stands for Portable Network Graphics and according the the internet it is “a raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression. PNG was created as an improved, non-patented replacement for Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), and is the most used lossless image compression format on the Internet.” (just copied form a google search). While I have a definition not much of that really means anything, but either way I’m glad I got the image to work.



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Finishing the Type Assignment

Over the past week I was finishing up the Type assignment. I was mostly finishing up the last design details. I had a few issues and concerns.

I struggled on putting an image behind a pull quote and getting the opacity to match the article’s background.

That my design does not work well with my theme.
That my design is to user friendly or functional.

Overall I really liked tying in a theme into the design of the webpage. That was something that felt missing in the Portfolio home page. With a lack of a theme it felt hard to figure out how to make it look. With the Type page, I was able to give it a specific look.

As far as the opacity issue I had, I will continue working on that to see how I may be able to fix that in the future. This time I excluded the extra background image, but I hope next time to be able to incorporate it.

My Type page can be found here.


Some housekeeping:
I talked to ReclaimHosting and got my Portfolio to be connected to my URL. It can now be found here. So I no longer have a mirroring blog just a portfolio site (yay for organization!).
The Portfolio is also accessible through this blog, under “Clio II” in the Menu.

Design & Type


Creating a webpage is about being accessible to the websites visitors. Design is about form and function and Myth #4 on UXMyths hit that home. Reenforcing the idea that designing a website isn’t just about looks but how it works. For my own page I have to make sure I keep this in mind. My topic is Edmonia Lewis and I am looking for a font that is reminiscent of the mid-19th century. I want the page as a whole to fit into my topic, but not be too overwhelming for the page visitor. Which is something I’m quite worried about.

As far as my Type goes, I’ve been looking for something that works visually inspiring the 1800’s while at the same time being readable. I think I have found something that works, but I am a bit hesitant.

Out of all the readings this week UXMyths was the most helpful. Myth #19 really helped me slow down and decide on my content before continuing to design my Type page. While other readings such as Chapter 6 in White Space is Not Your Enemy on layout was extremely helpful and interesting, particularly in helping me understand what aspect ratio is, UXMyths myths vs. truths was the most focusing.


On a side note: There are a few thing’s that I’m still not too sure about, such as what a rule is in regards to our type assignment, and whether I’m going about embedding text and title fonts the right way. But I’m confident that will become clear soon enough.

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Portfolio Project

I was fortunate to have gotten the portfolio page completed long before tomorrows class. Having done so I was able to spend time figuring out how to get it online. Tonight I tried just doing it through my wordpress blog, but it was not looking positive. I decided to get Reclaim Hosting and use that. Luckily that worked and I was able to upload my portfolio page online with the help of Transmit.

I will have to say figuring out the terminology used for websites and getting things online is, for me, much more difficult than figuring out how to code the page and learn dreamweaver. Listening to hosting sites and terms thrown around in class I was worried that I was going to be so far behind, particularly since I never took Clio I. Thankfully, with the help of Josh’s post, it was not as bad as expected.


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Note: Because I now have a Reclaim Hosting, I have mirrored this blog here and a copy of this post will be there as well.

Edit: So I figured out more and found a way to link my Portfolio to my wordpress so both blogs will be updated.